Borrowing Guidelines

Effective June 6, 2016, the following changes were made to the Borrowing Guidelines:
- Loan periods for textbooks, law reports and periodicals will be changed to 21 days;
- Two 21-day renewals are allowed for textbooks, law reports and periodicals, if not required by another client.

Who can borrow?

A valid Alberta Law Libraries card is required to borrow library materials. You may register for a card if you are:
  • a current member of the Law Society of Alberta in good standing, whether practicing or non-practicing, including articling students
  • a summer student or a transferring or out-of-province member of the bar
  • a special library

Apply for a library card.

Loan periods

Textbooks:  21 days
Law reports and periodicals:  7 days


Textbooks: Two 21-day renewals, if not required by another client.
Law reports and periodicals : no renewals


You can place a hold on an item you want to borrow, whether or not it is currently on loan.  Placing a hold means that the current borrower will not be able to renew the item beyond the current due date.

Place holds online using My Account, or contact one of our libraries

You will be notified by e-mail or by phone when your item is available.  Once they are available, books will be held for 5 days.

Fines, Fees, and Borrowing Privileges

To ensure that all clients have equitable access to our resources and to avoid long term retention of books, fines are levied on overdue books. Overdue and other library fees should be paid as soon as possible. Payments made by cheque are payable to the Joint Library Committee.

Overdue fines: $1.00/day per item (maximum $25.00)

Lost item fee: $175.00 per item

Books not returned within 28 days of their due date will be assumed lost. Clients who lose or fail to return books, or who return books in damaged condition, will be levied accumulated overdue fees plus the lost item fee.

Outstanding fees exceeding $49.00 will lead to a suspension of borrowing privileges. Having 10 or more overdue items will lead to a suspension of borrowing privileges.  Once overdue books have been returned and fees paid, borrowing privileges are restored.

Clients should regularly check the status of their library account to ensure it is in good standing.  A statement is also e-mailed to clients at the end of each month.