Reference and Research


Services available to all library users:

Our skilled Information, Research and Training Services team can:

  • help you begin your research by suggesting a variety of print and electronic sources about your topic
  • explain how to find materials in our online catalogue
  • explain how to use print materials and online databases
  • explain how to use legal research tools
  • direct you to sources of law, including statutes and cases
  • direct you to books containing forms and court rules
  • help you locate, update and note-up a particular statute or case
  • locate journal articles and reports
  • verify citations
  • refer you to sources of information outside the libraries

Reference and research services are available in person, by telephone, or through our online Ask a Law Librarian form.

Please Note: We cannot give legal advice, interpret the meaning of statutes, cases or regulations, select statutes, cases or regulations for your situation, choose specific forms or language to use in forms, tell you how to file a document, what document to file, how to proceed with court actions or state opinions on legal matters.

Available to registered clients (practising lawyers):

Subject Search

This fee-based research and reference service is available province-wide, with research being completed by experienced Law Librarians located in either Edmonton or Calgary. Timelines for completion are negotiable, although they are subject to both research team member availability and current workloads. Contact us to get started with your research requests in-person, by phone, email or via an online form on our website.

$50.00 per subject search (multiple databases searched; fee includes printing and document delivery). Note that this is a flat-fee, NOT an hourly rate.

In order to offer some clarification on this service, view these examples:

Example 1)

You have a question relating to attornment in court proceedings. More precisely, you wish to know what the courts have said with regards to when a person will be considered to have attorned to the courts jurisdiction when appearing before that court. We provide you with copies of case law discussing the matter, excerpts from relative texts and periodicals and an explanation of our research strategy.

Fee: $50.00

Document Delivery request

Request Documents

Copy of a case, legislation or article.

Fee: $0.50 per page plus a $5.00 service charge per order (an order can range from 1 to a maximum of 5 items).  Multiple orders are accepted with an additional $5.00 service charge/order.

Statute or Case Note-up 

Note-up of case or piece of legislation providing you with a list of cases indicating type of treatment (followed, not-followed, distinguished, etc) that cite another case or piece of legislation.

Fee: $10.00 per instance of statute or case noted-up. This fee includes printing/scanning and document delivery of the note-up only. Document Delivery request fees would apply if you want copies of any cases, citing the section queried. .

Request Documents

Access materials from other libraries

Fees may apply.

To request materials, please contact your nearest location of Alberta Law Libraries or use our "Ask a Law Librarian" form.