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Video Tutorials

The video tutorials linked on this page are produced by members of the Information Research & Training Resources team of Alberta Law Libraries for the use of all of our clients.


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Note: The video images link to the video on youtube. If you are experiencing issues playing the video on youtube, make sure you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash.


4 minutes 38 seconds

Finding Alberta Bills and Amendments

In this presentation you will learn how to use the Legislative Assembly website to access Alberta bills online and to find information about each bill, including discussions in the Assembly.

Created Nov 2009


5 minutes 51 seconds


In this presentation you will learn how to access and search Hansard. Hansard is the official record of parliamentary debates and proceedings where you can find information about the discussions of new laws in the legislature.

Created Feb 2010


2 minutes 55 seconds

Locating point-in-time versions of Alberta Statutes (using CanLII)

The following tutorial will show you how to locate point-in-time (or "historical") versions of Alberta Statutes by using the freely available website CanLII. Prior versions of statutes can be found from the present day back to the Revised Statutes of Alberta, 2000.

Created July 2010