Client Service Charter

We value:

Integrity:  We are open and honest in all our dealings.

Innovation:  We seek opportunities to embrace change in order to fulfill our mandate.

Commitment:  We fully participate in the continued growth of our organization and its broadening engagement with the community at large.

Collaboration:  We partner with our stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Respect:  We foster an environment in which each person is valued and treated fairly.

Service Excellence: We are committed to providing a professional, consistent and user-focused experience.

We promise:

Your information requirements will be met in a confidential, accurate and timely manner.

Our team will be professional, highly trained, courteous, efficient and committed to client service.

Our collections will be kept relevant through regular analysis and consultation with those who use them.

Our facilities will be well maintained, welcoming and comfortable to use during your visit.

We ask:

To ensure the best possible environment for legal research is provided for everyone, each person is asked to respect our library and computer use guidelines.

Alberta Law Libraries supports the Canadian Federation of Library Associations Statement on Intellectual Freedom. Intellectual Freedom does not apply to the expression or dissemination of views that promote and/or incite hatred.