Finding Forms and Precedents

Precedents are samples of common legal documents. These include legal agreements, court pleadings, court forms, and many other types of documents. It is always in your best interest to use a sample from the jurisdiction you are filing in, if the form you are looking for is not available in the correct jurisdiction, you can look at other jurisdictions for guidance. However be aware that you must follow the format laid out by the court you are filing in.

Forms and Precedents can be found in many places:

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Courts’ website
  • Textbooks
  • Legal Education Society of Alberta Seminar materials (LESA) in our library collection or through the LESA Library.
  • or by doing a [Keyword advanced] search of our catalogue for one of these terms: forms, precedents and the subject matter you are looking for. IE forms and bankruptcy. Note that the question mark character represents truncation. e.g. contract? precedent?

Use this guide to help you locate sources for forms and precedents either online or in the library.

Forms and Precedents


Alberta King’s Printer includes various forms found in the Regulations such as Land Titles Act forms and Personal Property Security Act forms

Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Forms

Service Alberta This website includes various Alberta government forms, from Consumer Complaints to Vital Statistics.

Legal Education Society of Alberta Online – Available in all Alberta Law Library locations


Forms and Precedents by subject


Administrative Tribunals

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Business and Corporations

Constitutional Law


Criminal Law






Intellectual Property and Technology



Real Estate



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