Guidelines for Library Use

Alberta Law Libraries welcomes you.

Alberta Law Libraries provides access to legal information. We are here to assist your use of the resources and services offered. Please help us keep the library safe and pleasant for everyone by following guidelines for library use.

The intended use of the courthouse library is for legal research and law related matters. If you are not using the library for its intended purposes, and impeding the ability of others to use our space for the intended purposes, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

Respect the rights of others

We ask that you treat our team members and other clients of Alberta Law Libraries with courtesy and respect at all times.

Soliciting, harassing, offending, intimidating or disturbing library clients or employees is strictly prohibited.

Please refrain from disturbing other clients by soliciting them for legal advice.

Safety and Security

The library is not responsible for, nor shall it have any liability for, the personal items that clients bring into the library.

Please keep your personal belongings with you and ensure aisles are not obstructed. Library staff or security personnel will remove unattended materials and take them to security in the building.

Please exit the libraries at closing, during emergency evacuations (e.g. fire alarms), and whenever requested to leave by library or public safety personnel.

Personal Conduct

In consideration of others, quiet is expected throughout the Library. Clients may engage in quiet conversation as long as other users are not disturbed.

Phones should be turned to vibrate and calls should be taken and made outside of the libraries.

Children must be under the control and supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

Beverages in covered, spill-proof containers are allowed. Food is not permitted.

Animals, other than service animals assisting clients, are not permitted in the library.

Remember we share the air and strong scents can negatively impact others.

Bringing large personal items, such as bikes and suitcases into the library, is prohibited.

Use of Library Materials

Clients should abide by the libraries’ guidelines on the use and borrowing of materials.

We ask that clients not remove materials from the libraries without permission.

Clients should not damage or deface books, furniture or equipment.

Please allow us to reshelve all library materials. We measure the use of our collection and monitor which materials are used most heavily. This information helps us manage our collection.

Use of Library Workstations & Personal Computers

Client workstations provide access to our online catalogue, various legal research and word processing tools and the Internet.

Library workstations are provided for clients conducting legal research and/or working on law-related matters.

Clients may be restricted to 30 minutes per session if other clients require access to the workstation.

Clients may use their own laptop, notebook or tablet computers in the library, provided this use does not disturb other users.

Clients may not use outlets designated for library equipment.

Clients should not engage in disruptive behaviour such as:

  • Accessing the Internet for any purpose that violates Canadian federal or provincial laws
  • Breaching the terms and conditions of software licensing agreements
  • Disrupting or interfering with network services
  • Distributing spam, advertising or unsolicited e-mail
  • Propagating computer viruses, worms or similar programs
  • Participating in gambling, gaming or online shopping
  • Destroying or damaging equipment, software, or data belonging to the libraries
  • Using computers in a manner that disrupts or interferes with other library clients, including the displaying or sending of graphics which may be reasonably interpreted as offensive.

Failure to observe and abide by any of the above guidelines could result in a user being asked to leave the library premises, and to the loss of access to Alberta Law Libraries resources and services for a given period of time.