Dispute Resolution and Mediation

The rules regarding dispute resolution and judicial dispute resolution (JDR) are discussed in the Alberta Rules of Court v. 1 under rules 4.16 – 4.21.

General Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services

Other Specific Mediation Services

  • Alberta Energy Regulator – 1-855-297-8311 adr@aer.ca Alternative Dispute regulation for energy disputes.
  • Community Mediation – Calgary 403-269-2707 A charitable non-profit organization of volunteers who provide conflict management and dispute resolution information and assistance through their services and workshops.
  • Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Services (RTDRS) 780-644-3000 Toll Free within Alberta dial 310-0000 and then enter the phone number. The RTDRS is a tribunal that gives landlords and tenants a way to settle issues without going to court. There is a $75 application fee.


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Last revised June 18, 2024

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