Intellectual Property

In this guide, you will find information, resources, and links about Intellectual Property Law. This includes some of the following subjects:

  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Intellectual Property Law and Business
  • Intellectual Property Agreements




Last revised July 27, 2023


Last revised May 16, 2024


Intellectual Property and Business

Forms and Precedents

Case Law

For more information on finding cases see our research guide: Finding and Researching Cases



Alberta Court Judgments

A collection of the judgments of the Alberta Courts is available from CanLII. The official version of the reasons for judgment is the signed original or handwritten endorsement in the court file. If there is a question about the content of a judgment, the original court file takes precedence.


The Canadian Abridgment available on: Westlaw Canada

All Canadian Summaries, Canadian Case Summaries and Canada Digest are available on: Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®


In Canada, the regulation of Intellectual Property is a matter of Federal responsibility.

Last revised Jan. 5, 2023

Federal Acts and Regulations can be found electronically at:


Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

The CED provides discussion with annotations to legislation and case law.

Sections relate to intellectual property include:

  • Copyright. 
  • Patents. 
  • Trade-marks and industrial designs. 

Available electronically through: Westlaw Canada (LawSource)

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

This multi-volume set includes coverage of Federal, Provincial & Territorial legislation. Also available electronically through Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®

Titles related to Intellectual Property Law include:

Additional information may be found under other topical headings.




Additional full-text articles are available electronically through:


Canadian Intellectual Property Office – This site groups information on all areas of Canadian intellectual property law, and it and provides links to relevant federal legislation, forms, guides, publications, news, and additional information.

World Intellectual Property Organization – The site includes an extensive collection of international material on intellectual property, including treaties and laws.

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