Civil Procedure


Last revised Apr. 25, 2024

Forms and Precedents

Last revised Feb. 9, 2023

Case Law 

For more information on finding cases see our research guide: Finding and Researching Cases


Alberta Court Judgments

A collection of the judgments of the Alberta Courts is available from CanLII. The official version of the reasons for judgment is the signed original or handwritten endorsement in the court file. If there is a question about the content of a judgment, the original court file takes precedence.


The Canadian Abridgment available on: Westlaw Canada

All Canadian Summaries, Canadian Case Summaries and Canada Digest are available on: LexisAdvance® Quicklaw® 


Civil Procedure Encyclopedia

Civil Procedure Encyclopedia by W.A. Stevenson, J.E. Côté Table of Contents

This multi-volume legal encyclopedia covers all common law in Canada and England. It is arranged by subject. It doesn’t provide a Table of Statutes or Regulations to follow. Its content is more relevant to court procedures and rules.

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (C.E.D.) (Western), 4th ed. is available electronically through Westlaw Canada

Sections related to civil procedure include:

  • Courts 
  • Injunctions
  • Judgments and Orders
  • Trials

Halsbury’s Laws of Canada

Halsbury’s Laws of Canada is a multi-volume set which includes coverage of Federal, Provincial & Territorial legislation. Also available electronically through: LexisAdvance® Quicklaw®

This encyclopedia explains the legislation and cases which govern civil procedure issues in every jurisdiction in Canada, allowing you to quickly locate, contextualize and apply the basic elements of the law.

There is a single volume dedicated to Civil Procedure



Additional full-text articles are available electronically through:



Alberta Court of Justice

Alberta Court of Justice – Civil Claims (up to $100,000) Areas of Law > Civil provides resources to understand the basics of a civil claim, including many of the Civil Practice Directions and Forms required, an outline of the process, a glossary of terms, and links to various other relevant resources. 

Court of King's Bench

Court of King’s Bench – (civil litigation over $100,000) under Areas of Law > Civil > Forms provides access to most of the forms needed to proceed at this level of court.  These publications provide information on getting and enforcing a judgment and more specific points of procedure for the taxation office. Civil practice notes are also included with specific directions regarding the use of technology in civil litigation. 

Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal – Registry > Filing information > Filing, Fees and Forms find the information and forms you need to file in the Court of Appeal.  The Consolidated Practice Directions can be found under publications.

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