Legal Research Basics

To find information on a specific legal topic try these resources:


If you want to find journal articles or conference materials check out our research guide Finding Journal Articles, Conference materials and Theses.

In Alberta Law Libraries Locations

  • Search our catalogue to find textbooks on your subject or use a legal research textbook like one of the following: Legal research: step by step by Arelene Blatt, Jo Ann Kurtz, Ultimate guide to Canadian legal research, 4th ed. by Maureen F. Fitzgerald, Susan Barker.
  •  Enter the search term “Public Legal Information“. This will bring up items we have marked in our collection as useful for the public. 
    • The Irwin law texts provide a good overview on various areas of law. These texts are also available remotely for members of the public with a library membership.
    • Self counsel press materials are designed for those without a legal background.
  • Browse our reference section for popular books on various subjects.
  • Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (C.E.D.) Western, 4th ed. – the current version is available electronically through Westlaw Canada in our library locations. It provides a good starting point for information on specific areas of law. With a public library membership you can request 14 day remote access to it.
  • Ask a librarian for assistance.

Glossaries and dictionaries


In print

Legal dictionaries at Alberta Law Libraries:

Case Law and Legislation

Looking for Case Law or Legislation to support your case

Research Cases and Legislation

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