Services to the Bar

Our skilled Information, Research and Training Services team can:

  • help you begin your research by suggesting a variety of print and electronic sources about your topic
  • explain how to find materials in our online catalogue
  • explain how to use print materials and online databases
  • explain how to use legal research tools
  • direct you to sources of law, including statutes and cases
  • direct you to books containing forms and court rules
  • help you locate, update and note-up a particular statute or case
  • locate journal articles and reports
  • verify citations
  • refer you to sources of information outside the libraries

Reference and research services are available in person, by telephone, or through our online Ask a Law Librarian form.

Research requests can typically be fulfilled within 10 business days subject to current research loads. A librarian will be in touch with you to determine the time line for your research question.

Please note: We cannot give legal advice, interpret the meaning of statutes, cases or regulations, select statutes, cases or regulations for your situation, choose specific forms or language to use in forms, tell you how to file a document, what document to file, how to proceed with court actions or state opinions on legal matters.

Customized Legal Research Services (available to registered Law Society of Alberta clients only):

Statute or Case Note-up

$10.00 per statute or case (multiple databases searched; fee includes printing and document delivery).

Request a note-up using our Ask a Law Librarian form.

Subject Search

$75 flat rate for research taking more than 30 minutes (multiple databases searched and documents delivered electronically; if hard copies of materials are preferred, documents will be printed at the same fee schedule as that of our Document Request service listed below).

Questions taking less than 30 minutes are free. Document delivery charges apply if documents are delivered.

Request a subject search using our Ask a Law Librarian form.

Document Delivery

Document delivery refers to the request and delivery of materials, regardless of format or whether our libraries own the materials, and includes photocopying and interlibrary loans.

Under our Access to the Law Policy, we will locate, borrow, scan or photocopy, and deliver case reports, legislation, journal articles, historical documents, conference proceedings or other legal information.

Delivered next business day (available Monday to Friday, excluding holidays). Please note that large orders may require a longer turn-around time. We will contact you if the time to complete your request may exceed one business day. Results can be emailed or picked up at the library. Clients are responsible for the arrangement and payment of courier deliveries.

Cost: $10.00 per document.

Request Document Delivery using our Ask a Law Librarian form.

Access materials from other libraries

Please note: Fees may apply. To request materials, please contact your nearest location of Alberta Law Libraries or use our “Ask a Law Librarian” form.

Legal Research Instruction

We offer a 30-minute session with a Librarian to our registered Law Society of Alberta clients to demonstrate how to find, manage and research legal information efficiently and effectively.

Request Legal Research Instruction using our Ask a Law Librarian form.