Personal Injury

Personal Injury (PI). Also referred to as tort law, this area of law deals with an injury to a person or their property for which the person may claim financial compensation in order to be restored as much as possible to the position they enjoyed before the injury


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Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association Titles

Other Personal Injury titles by Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association in our catalogue.

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Westlaw Canada Topical Texts and Annotations

Westlaw Canada Topical Texts and Annotations (TTA) provides access to authoritative texts and annotations from leading experts. It is a series of collections based on specific subject areas, which are fully integrated with the Text and Annotations commentary collection on Westlaw. Below are some titles related to personal injury :

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Halsbury's laws of Canada

Halsbury’s laws of Canada is a multi-volume set which includes coverage of Federal, Provincial & Territorial legislation. Also available electronically through: Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®

This encyclopedia explains the legislation and cases which govern personal injury law issues in every jurisdiction in Canada.

Titles related to personal injury Law include:

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Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (Western)

  • Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (C.E.D.)(Western), 4th ed. available electronically through Westlaw Canada
    • has an overview of the law of damages, including footnotes to leading cases, primarily from Western Canada. The section related to personal injury is:
      • Damages

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