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Precedents are samples of common legal documents. These include legal agreements, court pleadings, court forms, and many other types of documents. In the case whereby a Canadian source does not provide the required information, American or British sources may be applied. Note that very few sources provide precedents online for free.

Forms and Precedents

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Forms and Precedents

Canadian sources

Alberta Queen’s Printer
This website includes various Forms Regulations such as Land Titles Act forms and Personal Property Security Act forms.

Canadian Forms & Precedents. 2nd ed. Butterworths.
Legal forms and precedents for Canada, covering all major subject areas. Available in print in the Edmonton and Calgary libraries. Also available through Quicklaw.

Forms and precedents of proceedings in the Supreme Court of Judicature for Ontario… (1904)
Primarily of historical interest, but there is no charge to download or access this source

Industry Canada: Online Forms
This website includes forms relating to the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA)

Law Society of Upper Canada Access CLE Database
Articles and precedents older than 18 months may be downloaded free of charge. While this is primarily a database of articles from LSUC conferences and presentations, there are also many associated precedents and forms available.

O'Brien's Forms
Access to O'Brien's Forms is available to clients in any of our Alberta Law Libraries location.

Service Alberta
This website includes various Alberta government forms, from Consumer Complaints to Vital Statistics.

United Kingdom Sources

Companies House: Companies Act 2006 Forms
This website hosts various forms relating to incorporated companies in the U.K.


Court Forms

Canada - Federal

Supreme Court of Canada

Federal Court/Federal Court of Appeal

Tax Court of Canada

Canada - Alberta

Provincial Court (Criminal)

Small Claims Court and Residential Tenancies

Court of Queen’s Bench

Court of Appeal

United States

Federal Courts: Court Forms by Category

United Kingdom

Her Majesty's Courts Service: Forms and Guidance


Selected Texts

This list of selected texts represents only a sample of texts in our collection which contain forms and precedents. To find others, search our catalogue, using the term “forms” or “precedents” in your search string. e.g. contracts precedents