Research Guides

Library staff are here to assist you in your legal research. They are not legal professionals and as such can not provide legal assistance. The line between legal information and legal assistance is not always clear. The document Legal information vs. Legal advice. What’s the difference? developed by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) provides a good explanation.

Here are some specific things Alberta Law Libraries can and can not do:

  • we provide computers, printers, photocopiers, and the ability to scan documents to email.
    • We will assist you in using these machines but will not do your copying, typing, or scanning for you.
    • Copying and printing costs $0.25/pg, scanning is free.
  • we aim to provide a quiet working environment
  • we can provide access to a large number of print and electronic legal resources
  • we can help you find reliable and accurate legal information but we can’t answer specific legal questions. ie. What should I do?
  • we can guide you to specific court forms but we can’t advise as to which form you should use.
  • we can provide general information on filling out court forms ie what type of information is needed in specific parts of a form but we can’t tell you what to put in your document. 
  • we can show you how to research and locate case law through our online databases but we can’t advise you as to which cases are relevant to your situation.
  • we can connect you with other local resources based on your needs
  • we do not provide referrals for specific lawyers or law firms
  • we can’t proof read or type up your documents.
  • we do not provide stationary supplies ie. tabs, envelopes, stamps etc. but can direct you to the closest location to purchase these items.