Navigating Legal Information

Finding Legal Help

These services can help you to find a lawyer in Alberta or organizations that can provide legal information and assistance. Finding Legal Help 

Finding Legislation

Details resources that provide access to the legislation of federal and provincial jurisdictions of Canada as well as foreign and international jurisdictions. Find Legislation 

Finding and Researching Cases

The Canadian legal system uses both legislation created by Parliament and the provincial legislatures and cases decided by judges as important sources of law. Formal decisions of judges can be published in printed law reports. These decisions will often provide an interpretation and application of the legislation. Finding and Researching Cases 

Finding Articles

Alberta Law Libraries carries a rich suite of print and online-access law reviews and journals, as well as annual publications and conference proceedings, which provide a wealth of articles on legal topics. Finding Articles 

Finding Forms and Precedents

Precedents are samples of common legal documents. These include legal agreements, court pleadings, court forms, and many other types of documents. When a Canadian source does not provide the required information, American or British sources may be useful. Note that very few sources provide precedents online for free. Finding Forms and Precedents